Bobbi Dog isn't picky as long as she can be outside with Melinda and all of her animal friends.

Bob Cat played with the Robo Vacuum and could turn it on all by himself.

Bobbi Dog loves bacon and oatmeal raisin doggie cookies.

Bob Cat loved to eat just about anything -- which is why there is now lots more of him to love!

Bobbi keeps Melinda company on trail rides, then she cools off afterward in the frog and fairy pond.

Bob Cat guarded the house... when he wasn't busy taking a catnap, of course.


Mary and Kirby recently learned the heart-breaking news that Bob Cat has passed away. We're told he didn't suffer in any way, but his life was much too short. New owner Melinda says Bobbi is taking her best friend's passing as well as could be expected, though she still looks for "her" kitty.

We send our thoughts and prayers to Bobbi, as well as to Melinda, who made such a special, comfortable, and safe life for Bob Cat and Bobbi after they were rescued from Hurricane Katrina. We're sad for this loss but comforted by the fact that Bob Cat will live on in Two Bobbies.

Mary and Kirby are donating ten percent of the proceeds from Two Bobbies book sales to Best Friends Animal Society. Additionally, Best Friends has created a special Bob Cat Memorial Fund for anyone wishing to make their own donations in Bob Cat's honor. If you'd like to donate to the fund, here's how:

  • Visit

  • In the left-hand column, select "Donate Online"

  • Choose the amount you would like to donate (or select "Other" to enter desired amount), then click "Continue"

  • On the "Step 2" page, select "Memorial" and then click "Continue"

  • Enter "Bob Cat Memorial Fund" in the "In Memory of" box, with a Passing Date of July 2008, and then click "Submit"


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